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The following information applies to Bags and Accessories orders only.

What Is Moore & Giles’ Guarantee?

We at Moore and Giles pride ourselves on our commitment to produce the highest quality products using only the finest leathers, fabrics, and other materials. All of our products are fully guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship.

Moore and Giles products are made with the highest standards and rigorous quality assurance in mind:  however, our products are not indestructible.  Therefore, our guarantee does not cover any product damage that may result from normal wear and tear, airline mishandling, or misuse or abuse of the product. If, during its lifetime, your item should require repair, we offer a repair service for many of our products.  If you have any questions, please call our Customer Service Department at 800.737.0168.


How are Moore & Giles products made?

Our products are made by skilled craftspeople who maintain high standards in the leather industry. They create each bag with as many as 130 steps.

Care And Cleaning Instructions

For regular care and cleaning, dust periodically with a dry cloth to remove residual dirt and prevent it from building up.  No harsh cleaners or solvents should ever be used on leather, as they could abrade the finish or topcoat off the article.  A “less is more” approach is best when cleaning leather or nubuck items.

How to clean Nubuck Bison?

It will get dirty like all other bags but it should not require any additional cleaning. If cleaning is desired use mild soap and water combination with a cotton cloth- not recommended as most stains will work itself out with use of bag.

Leather Descriptions

American Bison
Full grain, full aniline leather finished in Italy. This leather is processed with several layers of waxes creating natural colorations throughout the bag. American bison is one of the most durable leathers because of it’s unique fiber structures. Like all of our bags, it will look better with time.  Tanned and finished in Italy.

American Nubuck Bison
Leather in it’s purest form. Luxurious soft Nubuck that showcases the bold, rich grain of the American Bison hide. Tanned and finished in Italy.

Produced in Northern Italy by a fifth generation tanner. Brompton’s hot wax tannage highlights the natural tones and rich colors that give the leather its depth and character. English bull hide tanned and finished in Italy.

Smooth, pure aniline leather tanned in Italy. Aniline leather has no finish, this enables the leather to achieve a rich patina, remaining soft and supple with use. Natural markings only add to the beauty of the product. English bull hide tanned and finished in Italy.

A full grain, full aniline leather finished in Tuscany.  This leather is 100% vegetable using century old methods of finishing and tanning leather.  A beautiful patina will occur with use of this product making the bag more beautiful with age.

Harness Cuero
A soft, waxed leather with a full grain, rich in natural tones…the essence of natural leather. English bull hide tanned and finished in Italy.

Stained Citation
A full grain, full aniline leather finished with wax and oil.  This leather is hand stained by an a artisan to give it a vintage look. The soft smooth hand gives it a calfskin feel. English bull hide tanned and finished in Italy.

Titan Milled Brown
A heavier weight leather with a natural milled grain.  A subtle, burnished look gives this leather a classic long lasting appeal. English bull hide tanned and finished in Italy.

Titan Toffee
A full grain full aniline leather finished in Italy.  Titan has smooth surface finished with wax, giving it an elegant touch and look. English bull hide tanned and finished in Italy.

Weatherproofed woven cotton soaked in turn-of-the-century paraffin for great strength and abrasion resistance. When fabric is exposed to heat, the waxed surface “refinishes” itself, and marks from usage can fade. Scotchguard’s effectiveness fades over time so we recommend reapplying scotchguard every six months or so.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality product and the best service in the industry.