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    The PDT Cocktail Book - Leather Bound Edition

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    PDT Cocktail Book

The PDT Cocktail Book


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This leather-bound edition of the PDT (Please Don't Tell) Cocktail book, featuring our Captain's Choice Chocolate leather and a unique cover design by Chris Gall, is a must-have for any serious cocktail aficionado. This is more than a cocktail book - its a true masterpiece.

“Beautifully illustrated, beautifully designed, and beautifully crafted–just like its namesake–this is the ultimate bar book by NYC’s most meticulous bartender.

To say that PDT is a unique bar is an understatement. It recalls the era of hidden Prohibition speakeasies: to gain access, you walk into a raucous hot dog stand, step into a phone booth, and get permission to enter the serene cocktail lounge. Now, Jim Meehan, PDT’s innovative operator and mixmaster, is revolutionizing bar books, too, offering all 304 cocktail recipes available at PDT plus behind-the-scenes secrets. From his bar design, tools, and equipment to his techniques, food, and spirits, it’s all here, stunningly illustrated by Chris Gall.”

–From Sterling Publishing

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  1. Amanda says

    Lovely gift for my boyfriend. He read the entire book cover to cover without putting it down. So nice to receive the little treats like the bookmark and book bag.
    Will buy from Moore & Giles again that’s for sure!

  2. Kurto says

    I was a bit hesitant, initially, in making this purchase. I feel like I stole this book. It is the first leather-bound book to be added to my library and my net worth has more than doubled upon its receipt. It smells luxurious. The content of the book is also worth the price of admission and I imagine the same that you would get if you get the e-reader version or the bourgeois hardcover. Pop for the Moore and Giles version. It’s what you should get…unless you’re a vegan. In that case, you’re probably on the wrong website.

    Its flawless, top-quality leather will age beautifully.
    Buy it now.
    Buy one for any man you know. Unless he is vegan.

  3. Nick says

    Simply stunning! A beautifully crafted book, which I will treasure for years to come. Great service from the M&G team. Will recommend.

  4. S Manley says

    Purchased as a Christmas gift for my son. Customer service was helpful. Shipping was timely. Packaging was good. Product was perfect. He is looking forward to using and displaying it (PDT leather bound cocktail book).

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