Sullivan Shirt Pack Brushed Twill Tan

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  • Leather shirt pack - interior

    Leather shirt pack - interior

Sullivan Shirt Pack Brushed Twill Tan


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Our Sullivan shirt pack is a smart and stylish option for keeping dress shirts well contained and wrinkle free while on the go.

Handcrafted from our twill fabric and trimmed in our Titan Milled Brown leather, it offers room for up to five shirts to be packed compactly so that suitcase space can be maximized. A perfect companion for any of our travel bags, it also comes with an instructional folding board to ensure that packing up is easy and efficient and a leather collar stay case with six Moore and Giles collar stays for keeping collars crisp.


16.25”L x 10.75”H

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  1. Sean Espy says

    This shirt pack is a practical yet stylish part of a Moore & Giles system of traveling in style and with less bulk than a rollerbag. The instructions make packing simpler while keeping the wrinkles to a minimum and we all know the leather is beyond compare. Plus this is an American company. Does it get any better than that?!

  2. Wim Adams says

    Without any Doubt a very practical product ,it keepster your shirts without winkels and the leather is of very high quality.

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