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Reclaimed Tassel Keychain
Reclaimed Tassel Keychain
Reclaimed Tassel Keychain
Reclaimed Tassel Keychain

Reclaimed Tassel Keychain


Our double-layered leather tassel is made from reclaimed Italian-tanned hides, whose color variety makes each keychain subtly unique. The branded key ring is made from solid brass that, like the leather, will age beautifully over time.

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  • Branded, solid brass keyring


4.5" H x 1"W

Frequently Asked Questions
What’s the difference between the leather in this collection and the leather on the bags in the rest of the line? Created with Sketch.

Leather is traditionally graded on a descending scale from A to C based on the intensity of markings, scratches, and other perceived imperfections in the hide. These distinctions are based primarily on aesthetic preference, not the durability or quality of the material. Hides with fewer markings are deemed “better.” The Reclaimed collection uses a leather which contains a surplus of markings, scratches, and color variation. Though many define these as defects, we view these characteristics of proof of pure and natural leather. You will clearly see the beauty and individuality from one hide to the next, and one bag to the next.

Is this leather defective? Created with Sketch.

No. We worked with the same 150-year-old Italian tannery that makes many of our classic, main line leathers to tan this leather. The issues that make it undesirable to most are superficial, surface characteristics natural to the leather. This leather is durable and long-lasting, just like the leather in the rest of our line.

Why does it cost less if the leather’s just as good? Created with Sketch.

Despite longevity, durability, and wear-ability, the leather’s inconsistencies are seen as a complication—something to be corrected. These hides almost always languish at tanneries, often destined for landfills or incinerators, which can be hard on the environment. By reclaiming these rejected hides, not only do we help the tannery and the environment, but the material is less expensive, which in turn lowers the cost of the bag.

Will my bag look like the bag in the picture? Created with Sketch.

Similar, yes, but not exactly the same. Please understand that the purpose and fun of this collection is that every single bag is essentially one of a kind. Like the bag pictured, your bag will also be light brown, handsome, useful and impeccably made. But yours will also have some color variation and interesting collections of markings—some dramatic, some less so—that will make it exclusively yours.

Can I return or exchange my bag if I don’t like the markings? Created with Sketch.

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and our standard return or exchange policy applies to this collection. However, if you exchange your bag for another, we cannot guarantee a specific level of markings, intensity of grain detail or color on your new bag.

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