Bar Rollup Waxwear Rangertan

  • Bar Rollup - Waxwear Rangertan

    Bar Rollup - Waxwear Rangertan

  • Leather Bar Rollup - Open

    Leather Bar Rollup - Open

Bar Rollup Waxwear Rangertan


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This leather bar rollup was designed in partnership with celebrated mixologist Jim Meehan, this stylish yet functional bar rollup features a myriad of organizational compartments and elasticized pockets for the professional bartender or bar aficionado to transport tools essential to the craft.  Chefs and culinary enthusiasts can also use it as a rollup for transporting knives and other tools vital to the trade.

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Note: Tools and accessories shown are not included.


  1. gerard viverito says

    Rollup review

    Beautiful craftsmanship, pockets are way to small for chef knife handles and lenth of roll limits you to short knives. Probably much more suited to the FOH than the BOH

  2. Matthew502 says

    Nearly Perfect. Use it for all of my “away gigs.”

    Reviewer above resolved his own consternation: it’s a BAR roll, as stated. It’s explicitly for the front of the house.

    It would, however, be better off with one extra-wide pocket at a far end. I just wrap my hawthornes up over the center pockets, though. Haven’t had an issue, yet.

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