Capps Leather Work Apron Baldwin Oak

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Capps Leather Work Apron Baldwin Oak


Temporarily out of stock. For pre-orders, please call 1-800-737-0169.

Please notify me when this item becomes available.

    • Product Description

      This vintage-inspired leather apron not only pays tribute to the artisans and craftsmen of the past but also features a variety of well thought out details that make it fully functional for life today. An adjustable neck strap, easy cinch waste strap and multiple pockets make it a workhorse in the shop or at the grill.

      With wear, work and with age, this leather apron will darken naturally and develop a rich, polished patina.

    • Features

      adjustable leather neck strap
      leather straps that tie around the body
      two front pockets

    • Dimensions

      24.25”L x 30.75”H

    • Featured In:

      Cool Hunting Leather Work Apron seen in Veranda Magazine


    1. Ethan says

      Total quality piece. The leather has a rich thick feel and look. Great pockets too. It is simply the finest.

    2. Michael says

      I am thoroughly satisfied with this product. As a bartender in a craft cocktail bar, this piece looks great and functions extremely well. The pockets are great, as I am am able to carry strainers and spoons to ends of the bar to finish drinks in front of guests. Speaking of guests, the reaction I’ve gotten from this apron has been astounding. It really leaves an impression.

    3. Neil says

      This item is exceptional. The quality of the leather is second to none and clearly worth its high price. I was originally concerned that the straps would be a different color of leather add per its photo but they are the same as the rest of the apron. I’m hoping to leave it as an air loom for one of my two (after of course many years of use!). I also own the bar roll and the cocktail bag.

    4. Darlene says

      Was a gift for my husband and he just loved it. The quality of this apron is magnificient. It is ample in the way of size and the dark color will be forgiving. Great Product!

    5. Jan Degenshein says

      Excellently crafted leather work apron. And excellent customer service through delivery. That being said, it is 5 times more expensive than less well made leather aprons that are available on line. Is it worth five times the cost? Is a Ferrari worth 5 times the cost of a Lexus?

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