Richard Haines is a prolific illustrator and keen observer of the human form. A long career in fashion design for the likes of Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis primed his pencil for the work he does now. With a sharp eye and swift hand, Richard has become well known for his ability to turn seemingly banal moments into sensitively observed vignettes. His trademark line----a tangle of confident strokes braided together into clothing, faces, and gestures----has quickly become highly sought after in the high-end fashion world. After working on projects for brands including J. Crew, Prada, Dries van Noten, and Lanvin, Richard brings his talents to Moore & Giles.

The desire to work with Richard grew out of the similarities we saw between Richard’s approach to his work and our own: a genial indifference towards perfection and an appreciation for the unique individual.

The process of figuring out how best to recreate Richard’s style of drawing onto leather was a challenge. His style is loose, but exceedingly precise. In transferring the figures from paper to leather, we needed to capture not just the look of the characters but also the mood Richard creates around them.

Rooted in nostalgia, the figures we asked Richard to draw represent the people our customer wanted to be when he was a boy. Both charming and sentimental, they add a unique aesthetic and metaphorical layer to the pieces they cover.

To recreate Richard’s drawings on leather we needed a new, more accurate technique to ensure that every detail was captured as we transferred the drawings from paper to leather. Two hours due east of us, in Richmond, Virginia, we found an ideal collaborator: a creative design firm specializing in laser etching. The grid of characters was precisely etched into the leather, resulting in images that faithfully capture every flick of Richard’s pen. Permanently cut into the leather, each piece looks as if Richard has inked it individually.