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Every leather hide has a story to tell. Our Reclaimed Collection uses leather others left behind at the tannery, rejected due to natural characteristics such as scars or stretch marks. We don’t consider these imperfections; we consider these part of that hide’s history. These markings also mean that no two bags are identical. And while each is a unique and storied piece, they are all made with the same care and craftsmanship as the rest of our line.

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Real, Not Perfect. Natural Leather with a Story.
Real, Not Perfect. Natural Leather with a Story.

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Each Italian leather hide used in this collection is like no other. The leather is “reclaimed” because it was initially passed on in production; deemed to have too many natural markings. Simply put, these are the variations that make a piece interesting. The scars, grain intensities, and color variations are a natural part of these hides and should be appreciated. They ensure your bag will not be completely identical to any other—however we do ensure it will be made to the highest Moore & Giles standards; all Reclaimed pieces are made with the same keen attention to detail, durability and craft. You are an original. Your bag should be, too.

Reclaimed: Celebrates the Natural Characteristics of Leather. Here’s What You Can Expect

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