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Every leather hide has a story to tell. Our capsule collection of utilitarian bags uses leather others left to languish at the tannery, rejected due to scars and natural markings. No two bags are identical, but each is made with the same care and craftsmanship as the traditional Moore & Giles lineup.

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Real, Not Perfect. Natural Leather with a Story.
Real, Not Perfect. Natural Leather with a Story.

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These bags are made of reclaimed Italian leather, hides initially rejected for their natural markings and variations. Every hide used in this collection is unique. Consequently, your bag will be similar but never completely identical to any other. The scars, grain intensities, color variations and other superficial markings are a natural part of these hides and should not be construed as defects. Despite their differences, all are made with the same keen attention to detail, durability and craft.

Reclaimed: Celebrates the Natural Characteristics of Leather. Here’s What You Can Expect

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