You are investing in a bag that is made to last a lifetime. We are as committed to our work and people as you are. Our passion for real, natural leather informs every decision we make, and our products are reflections of that. We know you need a reliable travel partner and are our bags are made for the long haul.

Crafted by Hand in Small Batches

Each Moore & Giles bag, home good and accessory is made by hand. There are no big assembly lines or heavy automation. True craftsmen work to proudly create the piece that you will carry. We make most of our bags in batches of fifty our less and our furniture is handcrafted one at a time. Sure, there are faster and cheaper ways to do it, but our process ensures an unmatched level of quality and craftsmanship.

The Original Sustainable Material

Our leather hides originate as a by-product of the beef industry. Natural leather is the greatest recycling story in the history of the world. Leather has clothed, sheltered and protected mankind since the dawn of time. Moore & Giles is aware of the impact leather production has had on our world in the past. Our tanneries are committed to ensure full compliance with all government regulations that meet or exceed standards of environmental responsibility. We believe the use of natural leather plays an important role in our global sustainability efforts due to its longevity and wearability over time.