The Sustainability
of Natural Leather
& Our Practices
Natural leather’s inherent beauty and characteristics weave a tapestry that both attracts us and lasts generations longer than other materials. This is the most important of sustainability stories—choosing well, not often. For years, we have used sustainable practices in creating our leathers and we are proud to introduce our latest collection of Olive Green leathers—tanned with one of nature’s great byproducts—the fallen olive leaf.
3 Pillars
of sustainability
(carbon footprint, packaging waste, water usage, 
overall impact on 
the environment)
(community, treatment of our employees, being a good neighbor locally 
and globally)
(responsible use of resources in order to 
sustain profits)
"Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without
compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs."
-UN Bruntland Commission
over 80%
of our leathers come from relationships that 
are decades old. These are family-run, multi-generational tanneries who produce in small quantities with a high level of attention to 
detail and care for their staff and families.
Reuse of Byproduct
Small Batch Processing


Grass fed cattle is our primary raw material source (as opposed to feedlot) Grass feeding is a more humane practice. The developing world has a larger animal welfare risk. The UK and New Zealand have the best rated animal welfare practices.


Ice packing in preservation – Fresh production is encouraged, as it produces less waste than salt.

Reuse of Byproduct

Lime fleshings are saved and produced into gelatin. Hair is recycled for fertilizer production.


Less is more. We proudly focus on natural full-aniline leathers where less processing occurs.

Small Batch Processing

Our leather is created in small batch processing, not large scale/volume commodity consumption.
Olive leaves are used during 
the tanning process of our 
Olive Green leather—the 
world’s most sustainable leather.
We believe in the natural beauty of leather—a visual representation of honesty and hard work—where each hide is artfully crafted by hand and no two are alike. This bone-deep belief drives a desire for transparency and thoughtfulness in our leather and our work—it brings us great joy to share both with the world.
Our Core
What inspires our leather and drives our actions
We celebrate the work of nature - perfectly imperfect - each hide is unique. We are transparent about our partnerships and our processes.
We are constantly innovating color, texture and the tanning process. We offer one of the world’s widest ranges of leathers and strive to be a leader through our work and behaviors.
We are honest about our leather and we believe the leather is honest about itself. Our service and care for our customers, people and community is always priority - we come from good roots.
We are thoughtful in our practices and the stewardship of our resources. We offer hospitality to each other and the community. We believe in fair relationships with our partners.
We know nothing worthwhile comes easy. We began during the Great Depression and we are still on a journey to create products that will last beyond our lifetime and whose beauty gets better with age and time.