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The Bill Amberg Collection for Moore & Giles

A celebrated leather craftsman and designer, Bill Amberg has spent the past several years perfecting the art of digital printing on leather, going so far as to establish a dedicated division within his namesake design studio known as Bill Amberg Print. His modern take on leather decoration employs specialist digital printing technology to ensure the natural character and grain of leather remain intact. View the Collection.

How Leather is Made

A quick look at the leather tanning, dyeing and finishing processes required to create beautiful and luxurious natural leathers. Leather tanning is one of the world's oldest sustainable practices of converting cleaned, perishable raw hides into leather to preserve their natural beauty and inherent characteristics. Filmed in Bassano Del Grappa, Italy.

Naturally Better

We believe when leather is crafted responsibly it tells the greatest sustainability story on earth. Join us in celebrating this amazing natural material. For more on our story visit -

Why Moore & Giles Mont Blanc Leather is Great for Kids and Pets

Spill and Thrills: Watch as we prove how our Moore & Giles Mont Blanc natural leathers get better with wear and age even under the most extreme conditions - kids, pets and even red wine. For more on these and other natural leathers visit Chairs by American Leather - Leather Shown - Mont Blanc Caramel -

Understanding the Flow of Color in Natural Leather

Just like a brush on a canvas, natural leather creates a beautiful flow of color when upholstered correctly. In this video we show you an amplified example of how two extremely different hides of the same color come together to make one beautiful chair. Special thanks to our friends at Wesley Hall for the access and insight on how a high-level piece of leather furniture is made using the finest leather in the world.

Types of Leather

Learn about the different types of leather and how they are made in this educational video by Moore & Giles. For more visit

How to Remove Scratches from Leather

Director of Education, Whitney Tinsley shows us three methods for removing scratches from wax pull-up leathers.

Moore & Giles: 33 Chair

A quick look at the construction of our very limited bench made conversation chairs. Inspired in Paris. Tanned in Tuscany. Made in America.nstruction of our very limited bench made conversation chairs. Inspired in Paris. Tanned in Tuscany. Made in America.

INTERIOR DESIGN Visits our Chicago Showroom

Editor Cindy Allen introduces us to the Moore & Giles showroom and president Sackett Wood takes us on a tour of the brand's first freestanding showroom in Chicago's Merchandise Mart.

Moore & Giles: and the Morgan Plus8

John Fees’s taste in automobiles is a simple reflection of his values. John is fine with things taking time. He respects the craftsmanship and hours a car like his Morgan Plus8 requires to build. It is a process of singularity that demands patience, but once completed it results in a beautiful one-of-a-kind car that is distinctly unique.

Moore & Giles: Made By Hand - Alligator Wallets

Our alligator wallets truly are a rare find. American alligator. Each hide hand burnished. Each wallet individually crafted by hand in Tennessee. Every wallet is unique - no two are alike. For more visit:

Moore & Giles Bags: An Interview with Designer Thomas Brennan

A candid conversation with designer, Thomas Brennan, about what makes Moore & Giles bags so unique. Thomas describes the elements of discovery and luxury that guide our perspective on what truly makes it "your bag."

The Making Of The Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody Tailgate Trailer

Built for Bulleit. Designed by Brad Ford. Furnished by Moore & Giles. A beautiful walk throughout the story and inspiration behind one of the coolest woody trailers the world has ever seen. Meet the team of people whose work and creativity brought this dream and sketch on a piece of paper to life and into the pages of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book: Fantasy Guide. This takes tailgating to another level.

Made By Hand: In search of the world's finest leather and craftsmen.

A visit to our artisan leather partners in the Dominican Republic. Our team in the Dominican, most of whom are generational leather craftsmen, are so proud of the bags they work with us to create. Their passion is made visible by their craft. This is a quick look at our limited-run production process and the folks that hand produce our leather bags.

The Making of the Sidecar

More than a bar cart, this collaboration between Moore & Giles + Jim Meehan is an expression of craft. The Sidecar weds world class bar design, timeless aesthetics and traditional woodcraft to produce a unique piece of handmade working furniture. For more on the Sidecar visit:

MADE BY HAND - A visit to our Virginia leather workshop

A look inside Karl and Cheryl’s leather workshop in Amherst, Virginia where most of our small goods are made. These two have been together more than 40 years and they still work together everyday doing what they love: making handcrafted leather goods.

Garden & Gun Club - Atlanta, GA

We recently visited our friends from Garden & Gun at their new premier restaurant at the Battery Atlanta. Hunter Floyd and Bryan Lewis walked us through their thoughts on design, food, drinks, leather, and Southern hospitality.