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The Moore & Giles Heritage Collection

This film shares the highlights of our story - from 1933 to today. We are a leather company and this is our Heritage - a collection of leathers that have shaped Moore & Giles and our story.

Naturally Better

We believe when leather is crafted responsibly it tells the greatest sustainability story on earth. Join us in celebrating this amazing natural material.

The Seven Hills Collection | Moore & Giles

The story begins in Lynchburg, Virginia, known as the City of Seven Hills. Every hide in this collection was sourced from small farms that, like Moore & Giles, have called Virginia home for decades. Moore & Giles partnered with Seven Hills abattoir, a local processor who provides premium beef to restaurants throughout Virginia, to reimagine their presumed byproduct as an unrealized asset. Originally destined for a landfill, the hides were instead transported to St. Louis, where they were transformed into leather by Hermann Oak Leather in the same vats and vegetable tannage used to tan the harnesses supplied to westward-moving wagon trains starting in 1881. The quality and allure of the collection is matched by the sustainability and singularity of this locally sourced leather.

David Coggins Club Chair | Moore & Giles Leather

We first learned about David Coggins’ decrepit leather chair via Instagram. The NYT bestselling author posted that it "may be time to say goodbye" to his family club chair. Being the leather lovers that we are, we stepped in to see if we could bring this beloved chair back to life. Within a few days, we personally scooped up the chair from his West Village apartment and got right to work. Watch this video to learn more about this story, including stunning before and after footage, and to see the final reveal at our headquarters in Virginia.

Moore & Giles: How Leather is Made

A quick look at the leather tanning, dyeing and finishing processes required to create beautiful and luxurious natural leathers. Leather tanning is one of the world's oldest sustainable practices of converting cleaned, perishable raw hides into leather to preserve their natural beauty and inherent characteristics. Filmed in Bassano Del Grappa, Italy.

Moore & Giles Leather | Mont Blanc Spring 2019

Mont Blanc's appeal lies in the harmony of its disparate qualities: a masculine facade balanced by soft warmth that is revealed when touched. Mont Blanc is now available in over 50 colors.

Moore & Giles Leather | Athena

Athena is the first leather that merges today’s most innovative tanning technology with ALTA stain repellent technology.

Moore & Giles: Types of Leather

Types of Leather: A quick look at the unique characteristics that help determine what type of leather is best for your next project.

Why Moore & Giles Mont Blanc Leather is Great for Kids and Pets

Spill and Thrills: Watch as we prove how our Moore & Giles Mont Blanc natural leathers get better with wear and age even under the most extreme conditions - kids, pets and even red wine.

Cinder House | Moore & Giles Leather

We sat down with designer and architect Sasha Malinich to get an inside look at the design and inspiration of Cinder House. The restaurant is located in St. Louis, atop the iconic Four Seasons Hotel. Created by James Beard Award-Winning Chef Gerard Craft, Cinder house is a blend of bold international flavors with a South American flare.

Understanding the Flow of Color in Natural Leather

Just like a brush on a canvas, natural leather creates a beautiful flow of color when upholstered correctly. In this video we show you an amplified example of how two extremely different hides of the same color come together to make one beautiful chair. Special thanks to our friends at Wesley Hall for the access and insight on how a high-level piece of leather furniture is made using the finest leather in the world.

Château Élan | Moore & Giles Leather

We sit down with Foreman Rogers and Nicole Fickett of BLUR Workshop out of Atlanta, Georgia to discuss one of their most recent projects in Braselton, Georgia; Château Élan.

Moore & Giles: 33 Chair

A quick look at the construction of our very limited bench made conversation chairs. Inspired in Paris. Tanned in Tuscany. Made in America.