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Moore & Giles – 80 Years of History

Insights from our leadership and veterans of our team about our rich, 80-year history and what makes our leathers and culture so unique.

Introducing The Moore & Giles Furniture Collection

This fall, Moore & Giles is launching a limited collection of handcrafted furniture inspired by our eighty years in the leather business. Each piece is meticulously made-by-hand in Lynchburg, Virginia, in extremely limited quantities. In the coming months, we plan to share more about this launch with you. Here is a glimpse into our offerings and a behind-the-scenes look at how each piece is made with Moore & Giles craftsman Brandon Ulland.

Moore & Giles Bags: An Interview with Designer Thomas Brennan

A candid conversation with designer, Thomas Brennan, about what makes Moore & Giles bags so unique. Thomas describes the elements of discovery and luxury that guide our perspective on what truly makes it “your bag.”

Behind The Scenes: Shooting Our Ad For Garden & Gun magazine

A look behind the scenes as our photographer Ryan Portnoy works to capture our bags and leather in downtown Lynchburg for an upcoming issue of Garden & Gun Magazine. The location was once an old shoe factory that many of the locals remember visiting as kids to buy from their factory outlet. Rich patinas on the floors, bricks, and beams, all made this shoot simple and authentic to our brand.

Moore & Giles Leather Care For Natural Leathers

We are proud to introduce a suite of Leather Care products specifically formulated for natural leathers. Learn how to use our Cleaners, Primers and Protectors that all work together to help shield and care for your leather investment and keep it beautiful for years to come.

Moore & Giles Craftsmanship

Moore & Giles is launching a collection of handcrafted furniture inspired by our eighty years in the leather business. Each piece will be meticulously made-by-hand in Lynchburg, Virginia in extremely limited quantities. This film is a conversation with Tray Petty and Brandon Ulland about why we chose to create furniture and what inspires us to make each article by hand.

The Making Of The Bulleit Frontier Whiskey Woody Tailgate Trailer

Built for Bulleit. Designed by Brad Ford. Furnished by Moore & Giles. A beautiful walk throughout the story and inspiration behind one of the coolest woody trailers the world has ever seen. Meet the team of people whose work and creativity brought this dream and sketch on a piece of paper to life and into the pages of the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book: Fantasy Guide. This takes tailgating to another level.