Welden Tote Series | Vol 8

Although Adele Yonchak studied Studio Art in college, she never truly imagined the idea of a career as an artist. It wasn’t until later in life, after a stint in the marketing world, that Adele made the jump into her life’s passion full-time.

While her formal training and focus was in oil, Adele now primarily uses acrylic paint–she discovered a layering technique that suits her creative process and makes her work easily recognizable. Her goal is to produce work that feels at home but in an unexpected way. We are major fans of her as an artist, as a person, and as an inspiration to women everywhere.

Walk us through your morning routine.
My morning routine is far from glamorous with three young children and usually begins with my youngest waking my husband and I up before we’d like. But, always coffee first, then getting everyone off to school. If I have an errand to run I try to knock that out first and then hopefully spend the rest of the morning in the studio.

Briefly describe the path that led you to where you are today.
While I do have a fine art degree, I honestly never planned to be a professional artist. But when you love something it has a way of seeping out despite yourself! I got the art bug in high school and went on to double major in Business and Studio Art at Hollins University. I went straight into product marketing out of school and it wasn’t until I was laid off and already had children that I decided to try my hand at being an artist. The response continues to surprise me.

What is the most rewarding part of the work you do?
I know how big of a gift it is to love what you do. I think there is a lot of ‘feel good’ messaging out there that encourages everyone to only do the things you love – but unfortunately, that isn’t reality, and sometimes work is WORK. So to be able to truly enjoy my career and to hopefully reflect that joy to my children and share it with my clients is so rewarding. And then on top of that, I am often commissioned to paint people’s happy places and to capture their memories. The fact that something I create will be loved for years and years to come is an amazing feeling. twitter-badge Created with Sketch.

What can be found in your Moore & Giles Welden tote at any given time?
Wallet, phone, baby wipes, sunscreen, index cards with lists, way too many pens, and whatever I am currently reading–right now it’s The Other Side of the Bridge by Camron Wright.

Your next travel destination is…
Turks & Caicos with my high school friends.

Your weekend is for…
Family & yard work.

Give us a few of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow…
I mostly follow fellow artists and have an amazing artist network, but I also enjoy following interior designers like @charlottehlucas for her love of prints and color, and @erikampowell for her mix of beautiful design and real life.

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