Welden Tote Series | Vol. 7

After more than 20 years working for a major clothing retailer, Brittany Sydnor joined the family at Moore & Giles to lead our Customer Care team. Her experience in the fashion industry has seamlessly carried over into her work at Moore & Giles, and she is dedicated to ensuring each and every customer has the best experience possible.

There are plenty of reasons why Brittany leaves us feeling inspired on a daily basis – in a seemingly effortless manner, she’s learned to master the work/life equilibrium with such grace. She is a wonderful mom to a growing family (her second child is due in just a few weeks!), on top of that, her personal collection of Persian rugs has turned into a fun side business called BeFound Collective. We hope you enjoy getting to know this month’s #MGshe woman – Brittany Sydnor.

Walk us through your morning routine.
I’m up between 5:30am-6am most days, squeezing in a workout (kettlebells are my endorphin release of choice) and carving out cuddle time with my 5-year-old tornado, Briggs. He has a few more weeks left as an only child – queue all of the one-on-one time.

Briefly describe the path that led you to join the team at Moore & Giles.
Before joining Moore & Giles, I worked at a major clothing retailer – my dad drove me to the interview at 15, I landed a part-time job and spent the next 20 years moving throughout the organization. My last role was Head of Service for the e-commerce division, and the transition to Moore & Giles as VP of Customer Experience seemed like a natural fit for me. I love the brand, the product, the commitment to community, and the familial culture.

What is the most rewarding part of the work you do?
I enjoy the diversity of my role. Customer experience is the marriage of people, process, and technology – a responsibility that extends to everyone in the organization. I love that moment when someone recognizes how their day-to-day (even in areas that feel “behind the scenes”) can have a positive impact on how the customer perceives our brand.

What keeps you up late/or wakes you up early?
What keeps me up late? Currently, restless leg syndrome. True story and a gift of pregnancy. Generally, though, I’m running through tomorrow’s to-do list (truthfully, this extends out weeks, months, and sometimes years – I’m a planner).

What can be found in your Moore & Giles Welden tote at any given time?
All the things – right now, daily planner, wallet, laptop, paint chips, leather samples, variety of snacks, earrings abandoned during the day, an over assortment of lipsticks,  hot wheel cars, and a Spiderman mask (because you never know…). I appreciate anything that pulls double duty, and the Welden is certainly one of those pieces for me – great capacity and aesthetically appropriate for most any occasion.

Your next travel destination is…
To the delivery room 😉 We might carve out a weekend trip or two this fall, but travel as we know it will resume in 2020. We’re thinking Hawaii, sans kiddos.

Your weekend is for…
Family time and BeFound Collective, my side hustle and creative outlet. It started as a personal collection of antique Persian rugs amassed during my last home renovation and now lives as an online shop – my business partner and I source antique pieces from all over the world (the history and storytelling of these textiles are like none other).

Give us a few of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow…
@katejbaer – her words feel so appropriate in this season of life.
@blackjaguarwhitetiger – heartwarming and smile-inducing.
@johnderian – for flowers and wares.
@jhinteriordesign – so many good design accounts out there, but Jessica Helgerson is a favorite.

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