Welden Tote Series | Vol. 6

Liisa Jordan has been part of the Moore & Giles family and a cheerleader of the brand since our initial introduction a few years back. We first met Liisa when she joined our team as an independent sales rep based in Chicago, Illinois. Liisa works in conjunction with our sales team to sell leather to the commercial, hospitality, and residential design industries.

After years of working in the design trade, Liisa took a leap of faith and started her own company–one that showcases & highlights different textiles from around the world. Her passion for textiles permeates her work and is evident in the way she proudly celebrates each material in her showroom. Her ability to share the artistry and craftsmanship of each line she represents is incredible. We are inspired by Liisa’s work in Chicago–her entrepreneurial spirit and authenticity–and we know you will be too.

Walk us through your morning routine.

I wake up around 4:30 a.m. to work out, only because I know I won’t do it when my family wakes up. Walk our dog. Feed my kiddos. We have a 6-year-old boy (Rye) and 3-year-old daughter (Jonesy). It’s summer, so I set them up with swim practice and their sitter. Then, I push off to the showroom–or to meet with clients at the office.

Briefly describe the path that led you to start Solid + Pattern.

I studied interior and textile design at the University of North Texas. I spent countless hours in the studio dyeing, printing, and weaving. Always thought I’d be a designer, but my first job was in sales..and it stuck. Career-wise, I started in retail at Pottery Barn. Shifted to the trade side working for the historic textile house Scalamandre. Learned an incredible amount working for them. Spent about a decade at the Merchandise Mart [where Moore & Giles’ showroom is located] in Chicago before starting SOLID + PATTERN. Given my background in studio art, I wanted to bring artists and vendors to Chicago who’d never been represented here before. We carry luxury leather, artisan textiles, wallpaper, and rugs. We have developed strong relationships with talent across the globe. The reaction and support have been so positive, so I’m incredibly grateful.

What is the most rewarding part of the work you do? 

Education. I’m learning every single day. And, I love sharing what I’ve learned. There’s such a love story in the process. Sharing the history and development of our artists and vendors. Many interior designers I work with have never dyed fabric or screen printed before. The focus was mostly on CAD. Explaining these techniques and the complexities involved helps everyone better understand the value. And, it also happens to be super fun.

What keeps you up late and/or wakes you up early?

Late – work for sure. Being an entrepreneur has many perks, but shutting off isn’t one of them.

What can be found in your Moore & Giles Welden tote at any given time?

Laptop, notepad (I have to write to remember), memo samples, gum, and granola bars (with sales you never know if you be able to sit an eat).

Your next travel destination is…

Washington Island, Wisconsin with the fam. We love road trips and camping.

Your weekend is for…

My kids.

Give us a few of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow…

@tomhanks (He posts pics of missing gloves. It makes me smile)
@hamiltonwoodtype (Such a gem)
@lh_schubas (My favorite music venues)
@ourfinland (I’m Finnish, but never been, so I live vicariously through their images)

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