Welden Tote Series | Vol. 5

Real Simple magazine provides smart, realistic solutions to life’s everyday situations–at home, at the office, and beyond. Published by Meredith Corporation, this magazine lands in the homes of millions of readers each month. We’ve always be drawn toward the clean, uncluttered style of the publication, and we love all of the practical stories and advice we read each month–in fact, our Welden tote was recently listed as one of their “Best Work Bags for Women.”

We were thrilled to meet up with Real Simple’s Home Director, Stephanie Sisco to chat about her career in publishing and her life in NYC. Stephanie is kindhearted and warm. She’s dedicated to her work, and her passion for helping others is so evident throughout the pages of this wonderful magazine.

Walk us through your morning routine.

I’m a morning person, so I typically wake up before my husband and get the coffee brewing and give our dog Grant a “good morning” scratch. I like to head into the office early to get a jump start on the day, read e-mails, and make my to-do list so I feel organized to tackle the tasks ahead.

Briefly describe the path that led you to Real Simple and describe your role at the magazine. 

At Florida State University, I studied English Literature thinking that I might go into teaching after graduation. I had always loved magazines but didn’t really consider journalism as a career until I was considering internships for my last summer during college. I found an open position at Country Living Magazine (when they were still based in NYC) and got accepted soon after. The rest, as they say, is history. I moved to New York, finished my last few courses online, and started at Real Simple as the Editorial Assistant for the home department soon after. Nearly a decade later, I am Home Director, covering all things cleaning, organizing, decorating (and more) for the RS brand.

What is the most rewarding part of the work you do?

At Real Simple, we truly stand by our tagline: Life Made Easier. I love how the actionable advice and support we provide our readers empowers them to tackle any challenge they may face (whether that’s folding a fitted sheet or asking for a raise). And in 2018, we produced our first ever idea home–full of designer tips and organizer tricks–which allowed us to bring our brand to life and interact with our readers in real time, which was an amazing experience. So amazing, in fact, the Real Simple Home will be back again this fall in a brand new space.

What keeps you up late and/or wakes you up early?

A good TV series may keep me up after 11, but I like my sleep. I will wake up early for a flight, though. I prefer to get wherever I’m going and still have daylight to enjoy it once I land.

What can be found in your Moore & Giles Welden tote at any given time? 

No matter if I’m using it to transport my laptop or weekend produce, my Welden tote is always stock with a stain removal pen. It has come in handy more times than I can count!

Your next travel destination is…

The shores of Lake Michigan with my family to celebrate our matriarch’s milestone birthday. There will be no WiFi, so it will be a chance to disconnect for us all.

Your weekend is for…

NYC bagels (an everything bagel with lox spread, please) and lazy strolls in the park.

Give us a few of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow.

@Real_Simple (of course)