Welden Tote Series | Vol. 1

Early in 2018, we introduced a new line of women’s bags & accessories to our ever-expanding collection of leather goods. With new additions each season, the #MGshe line has been extremely well-received and a fun avenue for us to showcase the depth of our library of leathers. We are honored to design and create beautiful, timeless bags for women to use every day–in the boardroom, riding the subway, or out for a night on the town.

Our first feature lands us in SoHo, New York. Kerry Faherty, president of Faherty Brand, greets us at 133 Prince Street with the warmest of smiles on a cold, rainy NYC day. We’re welcomed into the brand’s meticulously designed storefront (1 of 6 across the country) and are transported into what feels like a beachside retreat in Nantucket. The brand has become known for its casual, everyday wear–“clothing for life’s great moments” as they put it. Faherty prides itself on quality. They use unique materials and sustainable fabrics to develop clothes you want to put on and never take off. We’re big fans of Faherty, Kerry, and their whole team. We love watching them grow and develop and are continually inspired by the work they do.

Walk us through your morning routine. Wake up at 5 am to my 11 month-old son crying. Ask my husband to get him. Go back to sleep for an hour. Wake up. Chug coffee. Get my daughter ready for school. Forget to eat breakfast. Fail to meditate. Take daughter to school.

Briefly describe the path that led you to found Faherty. I had been in law and human rights and mindfulness coaching, but once my husband and bro-in-law launched Faherty, they needed help, and I quickly became all in.

What is the most rewarding part of the work you do? Creating community through our event series Sun Sessions, which is intimate evenings of creativity, connection, and conversation (and often incredible music).

What keeps you up late and/or wakes you up early? Baby wakes me up early. Nothing keeps me up late. I fall asleep the second my head hits the pillow. NYC living tires me out well each day!

What can be found in your Moore & Giles Welden tote at any given time? Wallet. Keys. Play-doh. Faith essential oil. My journal. Computer. 3 stray subway cards. Hair clip. (It’s so durable I cram too much stuff in…) 

Your next travel destination is LA for our Pacific Palisades Faherty store opening.

Your Weekend is for long dinners, long walks, coffee, and adventures with the kiddos.

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