Behind The Design

Take a look behind the curtain as we sit down with M&G’s Director of Design, Thomas Brennan, to discuss the origins of one of our latest offerings–the Booker Cabin Duffel. Since its launch, just a few weeks ago, the Booker has already proven to be a popular piece in our ever-expanding travel collection.

You’ve designed a lot of travel bags during your time at M&G, what makes this bag different from the others?

The Booker was designed as a companion for the Parker, which loosened the design up——it could be simpler, a bonus bit of space for your Parker. As I finished the design, I was pleasantly surprised by how sophisticated this so-called simple bag was. More than any of the other duffels I’ve designed for Moore & Giles, the Booker is the closest to mimic the uncomplicated tact of the Benedict. Like the weekend bag, it just looks so good.

Walk us through some of the Booker’s features. 

This bag is a security line champ. An exterior vertical zipper lets you slip your laptop or tablet in and out of the bag without taking it off of the telescoping handle of the Parker. The zipper pocket on the end of the bag is the perfect size for your ziplock bag of toiletries. And inside, two drop-in pockets and one long zippered pocket help delineate the spacious main compartment.

This bag feels like an instant classic. What makes this design timeless?

It’s never a bad idea to design less and let the leather be the focus. twitter-badge Created with Sketch. The bag is comfortable and functional and will serve you well as you travel, but it’s the leather that’s going to guarantee that this bag still looks good decades from now.

How did your personal travel schedule play into the design of the Booker?

I’ve stood in a lot of security lines at airports, sat at a lot of gates, and stashed a lot of bags in overhead bins. The Booker is the result of wanting something easy to carry that looked good, stored easily, and gave me access to my essentials, even when the bag is under the seat in front of me. I’m also a terrible packer, so giving my Parker some overflow space was one of my more selfish motives.

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