Reflection of Values

A Morgan Plus8 meets the interior it didn’t know was coming. 

Any additions to another artist’s work can be perceived as adulterating an already perfect piece. The same holds true with automotive restoration at the highest level. For purists, it’s as though you are adding strokes to a painting of perfect proportions. It is with this understanding that we began to tread lightly when presented with a very special Morgan Plus8.


The Morgan Motor Company was born in 1909. This small and still privately held British motor manufacturer has the temptations of culture to sacrifice their demand or pure excellence. Each car is a beautiful blend of ash, aluminum and leather. Considered traditional coach-building, the cars still crafted, each one, by hand in Malvern, Worcestershire where prospective owners are encouraged to watch their car being built.

Enter our muse. An original owner Morgan Plus8 powered by a raw Land Rover 4.6 litre V8 with an R380 gearbox. Black in color and whose curves bear all the marks of its original creator, this Plus8 had only one blemish – its worn and faded interior. The Plus8 has changed very little on the exterior since its introduction in 1968, and its instantly classic look has become a hallmark for Morgan – to the point where the Plus8’s presence in the collection has been credited with saving the company.


When the car’s owner, John Fees, began to rebuild the Morgan he came to More & Giles and walked through our headquarters with our President, Sackett Wood, to find just the right leather – something that reflected the time-honored nature of the car. Fees and Wood chose a very special handcrafted leather from our Italian tannery called Citation Brown.

In skilled hand, Citation tailors like a bespoke suit. It beautifully imparts each curve of the car’s interior with its own distinctiveness and character – bringing both car and leather together to celebrate their one-of-a-kind nature. Time is always friendly to partners like these and age seems to only add grace and beauty.