Palmiers du Mal

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An interview with Palmiers du Mal…

Who are you?

Palmiers du Mal is a luxury menswear brand made up of Shane Fonner and Brandon Capps, and is based out of SoHo, NYC.

Describe the journey that led you to start Palmiers du Mal.

Brandon and I had worked together at Billy Reid, an amazing label, and CFDA prize winner. We had gone to work for different companies and gained significant and unique experience in the industry, and eventually had the opportunity to start something that was our own- we jumped at the chance.

Tell us about your personal style[s].

Our personal styles differ a bit and vary day to day. Brandon and I have a mutual love of comfort, and on the surface, he tends to be more tailored than I am in everyday life. But really, it’s vintage field jackets, our emerging graphic tee capsule, and some comfortable trousers, typically finished off with some slide sandals. We love linen, silk, and vintage rags, and complement each other nicely.

Describe PdM’s essence.

PdM is all about that playboy, resort, luxury lifestyle. When starting to work on the collection, I imagine if I was living my perfect life, traveling from inspired destination to inspired destination, what would I be wearing? Based on a love of travel, global fashions, and an idea of the Kinetic Creative, the collection feels luxurious and international, cosmopolitan and “resorty” at the same time.

Where do you both find inspiration most?

A majority of the inspiration comes from travel, and our own life experiences. Currently, we’re revisiting parts of our childhood and young adulthood that resonate aesthetically again now. Fashion is always cyclical, but finding a way to pull inspiration from deeply personal experiences and tie that together with a modern approach to a retro concept is the way we try to drive the brand forward.

When you look up from your desk, what do you see?


What frightens you?

Not much.

You both travel—any travel tips?

Bloody Marys.

One essential must-have while traveling.


Favorite travel destination.

Tough to pick one… but if we must, we’ll go with Marrakech.

What are you currently reading?/book recommendations.

Currently reading The Communist Manifesto by Alain Badieu, as well as The Collected Poems of Vladimir Mayakovsky. Digging Russian Futurism at the moment.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Walk in like you own the place.

What’s next?

A whole lot of goodness.

Check out our Richard Haines collection included in Palmiers du Mal’s SS17: Runway Show [NYFW:Men’s]:

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