Titan Milled Navy

From businessmen in well-tailored suits and Naval officers in their dress blues, the color navy signifies professionalism and projects poise. It is also an incredibly versatile color working just as well in the informal indigo of a pair of jeans as it does on the starched uniform of a police officer. Given how well all of these associations overlap with traits we hope our bags project–authority, trustworthiness, and efficient stylishness–one might wonder why we didn’t do this color sooner. As it turns out, despite its ubiquity, the proper shade of navy has a very narrow sweet spot. The color needs to be blue enough to be interesting but dark enough to avoid ostentation.

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Communicating such an abstract notion across the Italian-English language barrier requires a remarkable amount of familiarity and patience. Luckily, in our eight decades of developing leather, we have developed a close network of talented tanners who have both in spades. Working in the town of Bassano del Grappa at the foot of the Italian Alps, we spent six months dialing in the hue that became our Titan Milled Navy. The color our artisans coaxed into being for this collection is the perfect blend of formal and utilitarian, unfailingly subtle but undeniably distinguished.

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Our Titan Milled Navy is produced to specifically highlight the natural variations that occur in the leather grain. Central to the tanning process is the time each hide spends in a milling drum, whose gentle kneading imbues the leather with a more supple hand–more pliable, softer to the touch–and a distinct pebbled surface whose lines and patterns differ discreetly from hide to hide. By pairing such a tactile leather with a vividly deep blue, the Titan Milled Navy collection is striking for its stately color when viewed from afar and remarkable for its texture when viewed up close.



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