Nashville Neighbors



Two of our favorite stores in Nashville happen to exist side by side! J.Michaels Clothier, an upscale menswear store, has been a long-time retail partner and friend to Moore & Giles. Owners, Mike Mahaffey and Jim Brandon, have seeped their sophisticated business style into a successful retail store that appeals to the stylish gentlemen. Next door, a brother store to J.Michaels Clothier, is Haymaker’s & Co. which opened in August of this year. Haymaker’s & Co. shares the same fashion forward agenda as its next door neighbor, but appeals to the modern man – a more casual and relaxed style. Both stores are creative in design and aesthetic and are located in a Nashville hot spot. For added fun, Haymaker’s & Co. features an in-store barbershop with a stool covered in our Potomac Winterpine leather. Our bags, which also appear in both stores, appeal to both unique sets of savvy shoppers. Check out both retail locations by clicking the links above.


J.Michaels Clothier





Haymaker’s & Co.




Potomac Winterpine on the barber chair at Haymaker’s & Co.