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Our Mission

We are steadfast in our mission to find a purpose for every hide and highlight the inherent beauty and sustainability of leather through heirloom leather goods that wear in, not out.

Our Core Values

Show Grit: We persevere; we’re resilient and can be counted on by others.

Take Initiative: We do not wait to be asked. We find ways to improve, always working with a sense of urgency.

Think Creatively: We are resourceful problem-solvers, leading with innovation and sustainability.

Follow Through: We finish what we start doing it well and on time. We are true to our word.

Do the Right Thing: We do what is right and fair, always with kindness and humility.

Our History

Founded in 1933, in Lynchburg, Virginia, Moore & Giles is dedicated to designing and developing the most innovative and luxurious natural leathers for the high-end hospitality, aviation/automotive and residential interior design industries. We also craft a collection of luxury leather bags, accessories, and home goods as an additional avenue to showcase the inherent beauty and timeless appeal of our natural leathers.

Moore and Giles was founded in 1933 by Donald Graeme Moore

Moore & Giles was founded during the heart of the Great Depression by Donald Graeme Moore. Moore began as a pattern cutter for shoes at Craddock-Terry Shoe Corporation in 1906 and worked his way up to the ranks to purchasing when he lost that job in a massive layoff catalyzed by the poor economic conditions of the time. Originally a supplier of “findings”, the Company sold a broad range of components used in footwear constructions to manufacturers in Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania.

When Donald Moore’s son-in-law, W. Vernon Giles, joined the Company in 1935 the name was changed to Moore & Giles. Donald Moore remained with Moore & Giles until his retirement in 1966 at the age of eighty-eight. In the same month that his grandfather retired, Mr. Moore’s grandson, Donald Moore Giles, joined the company. Don served Moore & Giles for over 50 years from 1966-2018.

Our Evolution

Up until the 1980s, Moore & Giles’ primary business had been shoe upper leather, leather lining and sole leather, representing a variety of domestic tanneries. As domestic production declined, the Company diversified as a leather resource to other industries, primarily to the home furnishings industry, but also to the marine and athletic arenas. In the early 1990s, leather sales to the home furnishings industry became Moore & Giles’ primary focus and it moved away from the more price-sensitive, commodity-type leathers to more natural tannages and finishes. These pioneering efforts brought a fashion approach to home furnishings that showcased the visual and tactile beauty of natural leather. During the past twenty five years, strategic partnerships with tanneries in Spain, Italy, New Zealand, South America and the Far East have been cultivated to create access to the world’s finest leather.

The turn of the century saw the business expand its focus from residential manufacturers to an even larger base of architects, specifiers and interior designers, primarily in the high-end hospitality, residential and aviation design arenas. From the lobbies and rooms of the top hotels, to the interiors of celebrated restaurants, to the spaces within artfully designed homes, our leathers grace some of the most exciting and exclusive design projects around the world.

Sustainability & Stewardship

Leather tanning is one of the oldest and most sustainable practices in our world today.

Hides originate as a by-product of food sources and tanned leather is perhaps the greatest use of a waste product in the history of the world. Leather has clothed, sheltered and protected mankind since the dawn of time. Moore & Giles is aware of the impact leather production has on our world. In our procurement of tanned hides from around the globe we are committed to partnering with our suppliers to ensure full compliance with all government regulations that meet or exceed standards of environmental responsibility. We believe the use of natural leather plays an important role in our global sustainability efforts due to its longevity and wearability over time.

Moore & Giles is committed to exercising faithful corporate citizenship through compliance with all environmental laws and regulations. Minimal impact to air, water, and land by our practices and activities is the ultimate measure of our success for our employees, our families, our community, and our future generations.