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Perfected, corrected and ready to soar, these leathers are designed with aviation interiors in mind - color and tone reign on high.

Bright and Bold

Chic styles that bridge sophisticated, metropolitan elegance with rich, deep color.


Beautiful, rich selections that celebrate tradition and the classic essence of leather.


Our extensive collection of patterned and embossed leathers are designed to take you on a visual journey to other worlds.


Exotic leathers imparted with rich textures and an intriguing mix of bold and delicate patterns.


Of-the-moment leathers designed to add a dimension of glamour to any room.


Straight from the dunes and mirages of the wild, these hair-on-hides offer a unique texture in unexpected styles and palettes.


Leathers designed to capture the light and captivate the eye with a lavish metallic surface.

Soft and Supple

Each of these leathers boasts a soft, buttery hand that begs to be touched.

Suede & Nubuck

Our suedes and nubucks offer a luxurious nap, stunning tracking effect and soft, supple feel that exudes lavish elegance - available in a range of rich, vibrant colors.

Transfer Patterns

Dynamic transfer patterns on our Italian satin suede base.


Recalling the romanticism of old world leather, the natural patinas in these collections will only get more beautiful with age.